Why Buy From Us?
1. We are a registered company with physical shop! You should buy only from registered company but NOT part time home based seller. That's because you wouldn't get any protection if you buy from them. It simply because you do not know who are they, and where are they?
Registered company but operate at home are also the same. In our opinion, the base line is you must have a shop!

2. When we are talking about registered company that own a physical shop, you are protected well compare to others, as you will concern the products' originality. Because you reserve the legal right when you found you have purchased fake products! We do not sell fake products, we sell only ORIGINAL!

3. We are contactable, via call, sms, whatsapp, email, or you can walk in to our shop. Some sellers only leave their contact number, or only email. They seem like hiding themselves, this is good to protect themselves best when there are problem occurs. Beware of there are some fancy and nice looking website, when you click on their "Contact Us" page, you will only find one contact number or email address. You wouldn't get their actual location, you can't find them!

4. We are TOP STOCKIST! We awarded as TOP STOCKIST on 1st May 2014.
Buy with confidence!