Sauna Pro 3 Slimming Massage Weight Loss Belt Massager

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Model No : Sauna Pro 3 Slimming Massage Weight Loss Belt Massager

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There's fat. And there's a sumo wrestler fat. Lose the quadruple sumo body in the making with the revolutionary Sauna Pro 3- Portable Sauna Belt

Sweat away unwanted fats with this DEAL. No more sitting uncomfortably in saunas or steam rooms - using the portable sauna belt is as easy as ABC. Have fun and enjoy life while getting rid of that excess fat, as it can be use anywhere: watching television, while cooking dinner, in the bedroom, relaxing in the backyard, at the office computer, or when you travel.

3 belts included with the Sauna PRO 3, you can target up to 3 areas at a time!! This portable sauna is great for the abdomen, waist, back and hips. Simply apply the belts around the chosen body parts, set your desired temperature, and let the belts do all of the work. The secure Velcro attachments help them stay firmly in place, allowing the targeted heat action to do all the work. Use them while relaxing, or wear the Sauna PRO 3 Personal Sauna Belts while exercising to add a "turbo-heat-boost" your workout.

You would love to slim down your thighs with a relaxing and effective sauna treatment. At the same time, you'd like to work on your arms and your abdominal. Also, you want to be able to do all this from the comfort and convenience of your own home. A hot boost for you

Traditional sauna rooms simply fill up with steam that surrounds your body, but doesn't target specific areas ! so you don't really experience the true sauna benefit.

Because the Sauna Pro 3 Personal Sauna Belt is designed to work right against your body, you'll be able to feel and see the true results of a sauna faster and more effectively. Great to use while relaxing, or in conjunction with your regular exercise routine, your Sauna Pro 3 will give you the hot boost you need to get slimmer, faster! Think it can't be done! Think again!

The Sauna Pro 3 Personal Sauna Belt targets all your problem areas at the same time, so you end up slimming away more pounds faster ! without the heat and discomfort of traditional sauna rooms!


The Sauna Pro 3 is a completely unique sauna belt system. This personal sauna belt system includes 3 separate sauna belts so that you can increase the amount of weight, water and fat you melt away by targeting 3 separate body parts at the same time. 3 belts in 1! Now that's great value!

When you order the Sauna Pro 3, you actually get 3 personal sauna belts (1 large, 2 medium) so that you could target 3 problem areas in one go. Now you need not sit and inhale hot, sweaty air and you need not sit on those hard, uncomfortable and hot wooden benches. You can choose to sit anywhere you wish, even in front of your television set. Simply attach Sauna Pro 3 to your abdomen, waist, hips or thighs, set the desired temperature (adjustable from 95 degrees to 145 degrees) on the LED timer and temperature control device, plug it into the electrical outlet, and you are ready to lose inches! Secure the Velcro attachments to Velcro belts in place while the heat works on the targeted areas. You could be relaxing watching TV or reading a book and Sauna Pro 3 goes to work. For even faster results, wear the belts while you are exercising and bring the heat up even more with a turbo boost.

* Eliminates unwanted fat
* Eliminates cellulite and loses weight
* Eases muscle pain
* Flushes out and eliminates toxins
* Great for the abdomen, waist, back and hips
* Adjustable temperature to enhance metabolism
* Portable and comfort to use everywhere
* Suitable to use on abdomen, waist, hips or thighs

Package Includes:
* Flexible belt available in 3 sizes with secure velcro fastener ( 1 large, 2 medium)
* Instruction guide
* Diet guide
* Tape measure