Riddex Plus Repelling Aid Pest Repeller Digital Electromagnetic

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Model No : Riddex Plus Repelling Aid Pest Repeller Digital Electromagnetic


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Mosquitoes, roaches, rats and even the cutest mice is not exactly the idea of a house pet. Get rid of these house pests with a Riddex Plus Digital Pest Repeller! The Riddex Plus Plug-In Digital Pest Repeller Unit actually changes the normal field around your wiring, creating an environment that aids in the control of pests. One unit takes care of a normal sized home, approximately 2000 square feet. Use two units if the house is more than one story. Obvious pest-free results can be seen within a short 2-3 weeks!

* Riddex Plus includes a built in night light and LED indicator lights
* 230v outlet only. Household / Residential use only
* Non-toxic chemical or poison
* Patented repelling technology
* Designed to work through electrical wiring
* Drive rodents & roaches out of your home
* A single Riddex Plus unit covers an entire level of a typical home
* Safe for children, pets, and electronics




This unit is “The Environmental Alternative For Safer Pest Control.” Want to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals (insecticides and pesticides) in your everyday life, around children, and food products? A revolutionary invention has produced an innovative breakthrough in rodent control. A U.S.Patent has been issued for this principle that safety and uniquely uses the wiring in a home, restaurant, office, or any structure with electric wiring within the walls. Not an Ultra-Sonic product.How Does It Works?
Just plug the unit into an outlet and this technology starts working by altering the normal field around your wiring, creating an environment that aids in the control of rodents.

Green Light– indicates Riddex® Power Plus is on, and should remain a solid green light at all times.

Red Light– indicates if the cycle is on or off. The red light will blink for 3 minutes and turn off for 3 minutes, the cycle will continuously repeat as long as Riddex® Power Plus is plugged in.

Blue Light – push the button on top to turn on/off the night light.Compare Riddex Plus to Traditional Pest Control Methods



How many will I need?
Manufacturer suggests using one unit for approximately 2000 sq. ft. An additional unit is recommended if square footage exceeds 2000.

How quickly will I see results?
The unit has its maximum effectiveness within the first seven days. Glue boards and/or traps may beo used to help during the initial clean-up period. After results have been obtained, do not unplug – the cost for continual use is minimal.

Plug one into outlet in central location. If two units are required, plug into outlet at opposite ends of home. The light will flash indicating the unit.

Suggestion For Best Results
1.Take special care not to leave doors, windows, basement, or garage doors open as new rodents wander briefly before they are affected by the unit.

2. Take special care not to leave human, animal or pet food supplies in open areas, which can attract new rodents before they are affected by the unit.

3. Take special care not to carry in new rodents when transferring food supplies, grains, animal feed, etc. from outside supply areas into the area where the unit is in use.

4. During the initial clean up period, an increase in activity may be noticed.

5. This unit will not affect household pets, computers, or appliances (except hamsters, gerbils, rabbits or other rodent pets).

1. This device shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and that no objects filled with liquids.
2. A minimum distances of 6 inches should be left around the device for sufficient ventilation.
3. Ventilation should not be impeded by covering the device with items.
4. No open flame sources, such as lighted candles should be placed near the device.