Mighty Mixer Blend Smoothies Protein Shakes

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Model No : Mighty Mixer Blend Smoothies Protein Shakes

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Now just "shake it to make it" with Mighty Mixer, the unique new blender with a built-in blending core that blends the most delicious drinks in seconds! Just drop in the ingredients, twist on the top and shake. The more you shake it, the more smoother you make it!

The secret is the revolutionary honeycomb designed blending core that breaks down powder perfectly and quickly. You can even fill the core with your favourite fruit and make fruit-infused water. Might Mixer also comes with a bonus freezable ice core that keeps your drinks cool and refreshing on the go, without diluting them. You will love using the Mighty Mixer every day at home, the office, the gym, or while travelling.

Perfectly Blend
* Smoothies
* Protein Shakes
* Health drinks
* Flavoured waters
* Salad dressings
* Marinades
* Pancake batter
* Omelettes
* And more!