Massaging Hoop Exerciser With Magnets

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Model No : Massaging Hoop Exerciser With Magnets

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Give yourself a fast, fun and slimming workout with the hula-Hoop Pro Massaging Hoop Exerciser with Magnets. This Acupressure Hula Hoop features magnetic acupressure balls on the inner side of the ring. These balls have a therapeutic effect that helps increase blood circulation and strengthen abdominal muscles. Working out with this weighted exercise hoop can burn 100 calories in 10 minutes.

Hula-Hoop Pro Massaging Hoop Exerciser with Magnets: Burns 100 calories in 10 minutes 14 massaging magnetic balls 21 massaging balls Strengthens abdomen and lower back 38.5" diameter.

You will brun 100 calories each 10 minutes!
* Provides wonderful AB workout, slims and train your waist line and Abs.
* Special balles of the ACU HOOP PRO perfectly massage your body, helpo to burn fat cells and cellulites.
* Magnetic function of the hoop increases blood circulation
* Keep usng acu hoop pro for 20-30 minutes every day and the effect will remarkable!