Maixara C-Sential : Vitamin C + Collagen + Gluthathione

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Model No : Maixara C-Sential : Vitamin C + Collagen + Gluthathione

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Maixara is a health and beauty REVOLUTION 3 in 1 player. Products now on the market rave. The combination of Glutathione, Collagen & Vitamin C in tablet form facilitates uptake.

Here are the advantages of C-Sential Maixara: -
* Helps treat acne and scar faster.
* Helping brightened and moisturize the skin thoroughly.
* Helping become fine, elastic and soften the skin in a short period.
* Helps prevent kanser.
* Helps improve the body's immune system.
* Bertindah as an anti-oxidant and anti-aging.
* Helps the body tissue growth and full restore.

* Tablets can be chewed delicious strawberry flavored.
* No gelatin and 100% HALAL.
* Containing collagen tilapia high quality locally.
* ISLAMIC BUMIPUTERA products and GMP accredited manufacturing.
* Proven to be effective in a short period.