Iron Shoe Gives Ironing Easier As Seen On TV

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Model No : Iron Shoe Gives Ironing Easier As Seen On TV

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The Amazing IRON SHOE

* Cover Pad for protecting delicate fabric when ironing.
* Reduces Scorching
* Reduces Shine
* Allows high heat settings on most fabrics
* Fits to Most Irons
* Makes Ironing easier and faster
* Safe and Effficient
* Now you can get professional ironing results.
* The amazing iron shoe is made from non stick vinyl which resists excessive hear and protects fabrics.
* Allows high iron settings for all types of fabrics: Cotton, Denim, linen and silk.
* Protects Fabrics from scorch and shine.
* Protects the sole plate of your iron when ironing over zips and pins.
* Provides easy ironing movements over snaps, pins and buttons.
* The amazing spring attachement is designed to fit any size of household iron.
* Easy to install.
* The porous construction of the base alloows hot steam to pass through.
* Great for traveling.
* You never know what kind of Iron you will find at the Hotels.