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Want a refreshed and moisturized skin in just 30 seconds? If yes, look no further than this iBeauty Nano Handy Mist! It's light, handy and you can use it anywhere, be it at home, office, travelling or even if you are stuck in a traffic jam!

As we know,spending long hours in air conditioned rooms, regularly using laptops or mobile phones may lead to dry skin. With this iBeauty Nano Handy Mist you can keep your skin moisturized all the time! This invention adopts the latest nanometer technology and LED therapy for proper skin care. It refreshen your skin after a long day of work or driving.

iBeauty Nano Handy Mist is a high-tech nanometer deep care tool integrating functions of nanometer spray and LED therapy, which can atomize essence liquid (water based eg toner) in tiny nanometer particles parts so as to be absorbed by skin easily.

1.This Nanometer Atomization Facial Beautification Equipment adopts latest nanometer technology and LED therapy for skin care.
2.Can make the effective component in the skincare lotion into tiny nanometer particles by means of the special atomization processing and penetrate them into the basal cell layer of the skin.
3.Can better improve the skin absorption of water and nutritious components of the lotion.
4.Can work as a facial steamer for deep skin care and facial beautification.
5.Handy, portable design, easy to carry, ideal gift for others

Product Description
* Uses Nanometer permeating skin care technology to make your skin moist and smooth anytime and anywhere
* Transforms skin care lotion into nano-scale spray so as to enhance penetration to the skin for better absorption
* Cleans and tightens the skin and keeps your face hydrated
* Can be applied to body, hair and face etc
* To use on face before makeup, apply it at a distance of 5cm; with make-up, apply at 15cm distance
* Simply slide the cover to automatically release mist for 30 sec
* Compact, stylish, portable and practical
* Atomization Quantity: about 0.8ml /minute
* Working Current: about 300mA
* Water Capacity: 3.2ml
* Spraying Time: 30s each time

Package includes:(in retail box)
-1 iBeauty Nano Handy Mist Equipment
-1 Empty Container (to put essense/water/toner)
-1 Pouch (to protect the equipment)
-1 User Manual