Dodora Armpit Whitening Pore-Reducing Toner

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Model No : Dodora Armpit Whitening Pore-Reducing Toner

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Blades are the commonly used tools for majority of woman. Normally, you will find your skin become more fragile after shaving. Tjhe pores become larger and the hair looks dull and rough.

After two or three days, you will have embarrasing black pores. Therefore, it's important to give your skin a replenishing treatment after shaving. If you don't, your skin will become red and inflamed. It's necessary to give your skin an after-shave moisturizing and pore reducing skincare to help you become more confident. Otherwise it's east for you to get embarrasing black pores. The pore-reducing toner is not-greasy, and it provides you with whitening, pre-reducing , moisturizing and calm effects.

Recommendations for the use of site: axillary, arm, legs and other parts of body hair removal after
Get right amount whitening convergent water after hair removal, wipe in the axilla or hair removal place, pat the skin, apply evenly to be absorbed

1. Please put child unable to obtain and place it in a cool place to avoid deterioration.
2 If there is a wound or red hair pus or laceration. Do not use.
3 If the liquid into the eyes do not rub the eyes, please rinse with water eye, if not medical treatment as soon as possible.
4 If the use of a rash, redness, itching, irritation, pain, heat or peeling phenomenon please stop using, such as suspension after use, please stop using and still did not improve, asked the pharmacist or doctor.
5. Please use the former to do skin test, to be no allergic reactions can be used after.
6. The goods not to add pigment, please feel at ease to use.

Storage: store in cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight