Dodora All Gone Girl Body Hair Removal

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Model No : Dodora All Gone Girl Body Hair Removal

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Remove unwanted hair right away! Leave your skin clean and smooth every month!

The hot summer day is a great time to show off your body. You should get ready for dressing backless, shoulderless halter-tops, girl boxer shorts and bikini suit. But before that, the tiair removal is the most important preparation. This is as important as dress well.

Besides, how could a perfect girl stand for hairy skin? Delicate girls care for smooth skin not only in the summer but also at all the time, they are eager for overall skin texture. After the hair removal, you will feel your skin clean and smooth with glowing, so that you can also get rid of the embarrassing hair moment.

In order to achieve the best hair removal effect, please first hot compress the hair removal site5-10minutes, apply a layer of hair removal cream and apply for 10 minutes and then wipe removed!

Recommendations for the use of site: Axillary, arm, legs and other parts of body hair removal after proper and convergent water, wipe in the axilla or except Mao Chu, pat the skin, apply evenly to be absorbed.

1. Please put child unable to obtain and place it in a cool place to avoid deterioration.
2 If there is a wound or red hair pus or laceration. Do not use.
3. If the liquid into the eyes do not rub the eyes, please rinse with water eye, if not medical treatment as soon as possible.
4. If the use of a rash, redness, itching, irritation, pain, heat or peeling phenomenon please stop using, such as suspension after use, please stop using and still did not improve, asked the pharmacist or doctor.
5. Please use the former to do skin test, to be no allergic reactions can be used after.
6. The goods not to add pigment, please feel at ease to use.