Dehumidifying Egg Removes Excess Moisture

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Model No : Dehumidifying Egg Removes Excess Moisture

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Simply place this eco-friendly, re-usable Dehumidifying Egg in small spaces such as cupboards, wardrobes, closets, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, bookshelves, laundry room, boats or even caravans to reduce the effects of condensation, mould, mildew and musty unpleasant smells formation.

The Dehumidifying Egg uses advanced capillary ceramic technology to absorb moisture from the air and retains it in the special silica granule beads inside the eggs, no external power source is required. Save you lots of replacement and electricity bills too! How cool is that?

A great way to ease the problem of unwanted moisture and dampness around your house. Great for use in small rooms or areas where excess moisture is a constant problem.

Reduces the risk of mildew occurring in spaces such as wardrobes, cupboards and drawers. Prevents dust mite population from increasing. Stops condensation on windows and water pipes. Puts a stop to musty smells. Removes mold, fungus and mildew from appearing, too.

No more dampness with these amazing Dehumidifying Eggs.

Perfect for any room in the house.

Moisture indicators on the egg holder show blue when the egg is ready to absorb moisture and pink when the egg cannot absorb any more moisture and needs regenerating.