Corn Kerneler Peeler Stripper Cutter Jagung Remover

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Model No : Corn Kerneler Peeler Stripper Cutter Jagung Remover

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* Easily remove those fresh, juicy corn kernels right off the cob in one quick motion with this handy Corn Kerneler.
* Easy to use, easy to clean and extremely compact.
* The Kerneler is so simple, yet so innovative.
* All you have to do it place the corn peeler ar the top of the corn cob and press straight down to the bottom — the blade will adjust to the width of the cob.
* The kernels will then collect in the holder and then be able to be poured out from the in-built spout, ready for cooking.
* The kernels are held in the detachable bowl, no need to worry about mess from grating.
* Kerneling your own corn means that you know you are eating the freshest produce, and not something that has been tinned in preservatives.
* It makes it easy to add corn to stir fry’s or salads, or to make it easy for kids to eat.

Product features
* Stainless steel blade and non-slip grips.
* Easy to use, just align the corn kerneler on top of the corn cob, slide down and pour out the cut kernels.
* The bowl collects up to 1.25 cups of corn kernels.
* Size : 4.5 x 4.5 x 1-3/4-in.
* Style : One step corn kerneler
* Color : Yellow
* Package : 1pc / card
* Weight : 122g