Chop Magic Food Slicer Chopper Processor

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Model No : Chop Magic Food Slicer Chopper Processor

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The fast and easy way to slice and dice. Stainless steel precision blades perfect for fruits, vegetables, onions, and more! 6-cup container catches and stores all your ingredients while chopping. Easy-to-use-pusher keeps your hands & your kitchen clean. Slicing blade. Dicing blade. Dishwasher safe. Compact storage. Everything stores neatly inside the container, making it the ultimate space saver. Dishwasher safe. All pieces are dishwasher safe, making cleaning time a breeze! Perfect For: Stir-fry, salads, salsas, & sweet potato fries. Pusher keeps your hands & your kitchen clean. Slicing blade slices fruits, vegetables, onions, and more! Dicing blade dices fruits, vegetables, onions, and more.

Chop Magic chopper chops, minces, cubes, slices and dices in just seconds. Chopping the old fashioned way is tough and can take forever. The Chop Magic chopper is lightning fast and super easy to use, you can chop a whole onion in just one second! The secret is in the 12 ultra-sharp stainless steel precision blades that guarantee uniform results every time. The catch container keeps your kitchen clean, and doubles as a six cup measuring container. Everything also stores neatly inside the container.

Those who are not aware of what Chop Magic is, it is an ingenious invention which allows you to chop eatables in one swift motion. Not only you don’t need a knife to chop or mince vegetables, but you also save valuable time. Chop magic is a self-enclosed chopping system when used appropriately can yield amazing results. Think of it as a box which not only cuts, minces, chops and dices your vegetables and cold cuts but also contains them in one handy place.

It comes with a container on which two sets of blades can be affixed. One blade frame is for chopping while the other handles mincing. You simply have to place the blades on top of the container and by using the packaged “propeller” push the vegetables, cheese or meat through the razor sharp blades. And that is it, you will have your freshly cut good in a matter of seconds.

The Chop Magic Food Slicer is a great way to protect food from my messy hacking skills. It comes with these neat lids with blades over them. One has the blades parallel to each other for slicing and the others have crisscrossing blades that form a grid to julienne. All I have to do is put an onion, bell pepper, or whatever I want to chop up over the blade, put on the top, and press down, and I’ll get perfect uniformly shaped pieces every time without worrying about slicing my fingers.

Well for one, the products cut with this device come out with a neat and uniform cut every time. The food you make will have a great aesthetic feel to it as well as taste good, just like professional chefs. Chop Magic allows you to make salsa, salad and pizza topping in a matter of seconds. It works on vegetables, eggs (boiled), fruits and cheeses. The best part of using it is that you no longer have to shed tears while cutting onions. Simply place the onion on top of the blade and push to get a nice even cut. It’s really great.

Product Features:
* Fast and easy
* Chops, minces, slices, dices, and cubes in just seconds
* Cuts in just a single pass
* Stainless steal blades
* No mess or tears
* Compact for easy storage and dishwasher safe