Auto Self Stirring Mug

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Model No : Auto Self Stirring Mug

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Lazy/smarter guy, we need a more clever solution!! As you can see the cup , it is smart to seal the deal it all. Stainless steel , sealed lid will always keep the temperature of the coffee , double insulation, hot vain , and turn it over as a small snack tray can now only need to press the yellow button, the stirring will instantly mixing your butter, sugar and coffee.

Meanwhile, it is a super silent mug, you will not hear any sound from the mug. This mug will make three thousand stirring per minute. In such speed, intensity of gourmet coffee can be do it yourself in a minute!

The self-stirring mug is the ultimate lazy man's mug. It's great for tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soups. Simply press the "stir" button and have the hard work done for you!